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Our products are as individual as your company

The Telelog Staff Tracker is as flexible as it is comprehensive. That means that whatever the size and type of your company, it can be adapted to suit your business needs perfectly. Our philosophy is not to tell you how to run your business, it's to help support you in what you already know how to do.

We've created three key versions of the Telelog Staff Tracker, to cater for as large a group as possible. These are:

Telelog Staff Tracker Lite

Our flagship product, this is the best introduction to our Staff Tracker. Although named 'Lite', it serves some of our most demanding customers with ease. This option offers minimal set up investment, and gives you all of the reporting options of the full version. If you choose the Telelog Staff Tracker Lite and later decide that you wish to upgrade to the full version, you can do this at no extra cost.

Telelog Staff Tracker Full

Our full version of the Staff Tracker is for the experienced user who wants full control of the system. This product comes with advanced customisation options not available in the Lite version.

Telelog Staff Tracker Managed

For our customers that don't wish to have any direct contact with the Staff Tracker but still recognises its purpose, we offer a fully managed service. Our expert team will manage the account completely. All you need to do is speak to one of our agents, who will be happy to help you achieve your business objectives.

Get started with the right Telelog Staff Tracker for you today.